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The Flying Scotsman Depicted in Chariots of Fire

He is an Olympic race gold medalist? Yes. He is a preacher who spreads the gospel? Yes. He is a prisoner of a Shandong concentration camp set up by the Japanese? Yes. He is a Christian extending love of Christ to surrounding patients, children and even the enemies?  Certainly he is. Who is he? He is the one hailed as "the Flying Scotsman"- Eric Liddell!

In July 1924, when the Olympic Games has finally arrived, Liddell and his teammates arrived in Paris, France. As the British 100-meter sprint champion, he gave up a row in Sunday's 100-meter race. Friday is the 400-meter race. That day there were six contestants. Liddell was placed in the outermost runway, which was very detrimental to him as he could not see the situation at the starting line of the other five opponents, but he was not worried becuase all he would do was to mainly do his best to run for the God. Liddell reach first at the finish line, and he won the race. He not only obtained the 400 meters gold medal, but also broke the world's record at 47.6 seconds!

On July 18, 1925, Eric came to his birthplace China to teach at the New School of Commerce in Tianjin, and to participate in the ministry of Christian UCO Hall. Ordained in Scotland in 1932, he returned to China to continue his teaching. In 1936 China first organized a team to compete at the Berlin Olimpic Games, and Eric was invited to be the head coach. The war burned more intensely, and in March 1943 the Japanese forced those foreigners of opposing countries in Tianjin to a concentration camp in Weihsien of Shangdong. At the concentration camp, he was responsible for the kitchen's 500 people three meals a day, act as a science teacher for the students, playground coach for the youths and evening entertainment program instructor, as well as a chapel speaker. When the opportunity for an exchange of prisoners came, Eric Liddell swapped his place with a pregnant woman (see Peter "Blog of Light and Salt"). On February 21, 1945, when he was talking with others about how to completely yield to God, Eric cramped and suddenly lost his consciousness, and died at 9 that evening. Later it was confirmed that he died of brain tumor.

His life was put in a movie Chariots of Fire in 1981, which won four Oscar prizes and an Academy Award for Best Original Score.

苏格兰飞人— 埃里克·利德尔

(Eric Liddell, 1902-1945)

他是一名奥林匹克赛跑金牌得主吗? 是的。他是一名传扬福音的传道人吗? 是的。他是一名被日本人关进中国山东集中营的囚犯吗? 是的。他是一名以基督的爱来爱周围病患、孩童甚至敌人的基督徒吗? 他肯定是。他是谁呢? 他就是被喻为“苏格兰飞人”(The Flying Scotsman) 的埃里克·利德尔!

1924年7月, 奥林匹克运动会终于来临,利德尔与队友抵达法国的巴黎。作为英国100米短跑冠军,他放弃了排在主日的100米赛跑。星期五是400米赛跑。当天, 有6位参赛者. 利德尔被安排在最外面的跑道, 这对他非常不利, 因为他无法看到其他5位对手在起跑时的情况. 但他并不担心. 他所要做的, 就是为主尽全力地跑. 赛跑中利德尔抢先到达终点! 他获胜了! 他不单获得400米金牌, 还以47.6秒打破了世界记录!



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