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Welcome to Canachina Chinese Translation and Notarization in Regina! 欢迎光临加拿大萨省里贾纳加华翻译与公证公司

Knowledge is not power, but the ability to mobilize and act upon knowledge and judgment.
by Daniel Huang

Canachina Financial Translating & Consulting Co. is a company for the business and financial world in Regina, Saskatchewan and elsewhere in Canada. It was established in December 2011. Canachina Financial, engaged in translation between Chinese and English, and between French and English, offers mainly 4 kinds of services - translation, notarization,  writing and other services. The translation function is the one mainly focusing on translation and interpretation from Cantonese or Mandarin to English or vice versa in business, finance and civil law, along with some document translation from French, German, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean and Japanese into English. Please note that the translation of  Spanish documents depend on the availability of the translators, and booking in advance is recommended. Next, the already translated  documents can be notarized and then authenticated by the SK Provincial Government and further by the Chinese Consulate if the documents will go to to China later on for a property purchase or inheritance, acceptance of a job offer, or delegation of power of attorney to someone in China handling bank cards or something else. Notarization can range from translation notarization to power of attorney, custodianship, single or divorced status affidavit, same person affidavit, to documents verification. The writing function entails market research, business plans, business plan change proposals, etc. Lastly, the company also provides services in marriage ceremonies, voluntary divorces and so on. Fees vary depending on the amount of workload, the deadline and if you want it delivered to you.

Here is a brief introduction:

1. Vision and Mission
CCFTCC provides at reasonable prices translation, notarization and consulting services to bridge communications between government or non-profit organizations and immigrants in their operations, to facilitate new immigrants to settle down and integrate with the local community, and to assist non-profits and small businesses with their start-up and growth.
Through quality service, efficiency and effectiveness and client satisfaction and referrals, CCFTCC will strive to be one of the leading translation and consulting companies in Saskatchewan.

2. Major Business
* Mandarin, Cantonese interpretation in Business, Education, Law  and Medicine
* Translation, notarization and authentication (including the consular authentication from the Chinese Consulate in Calgary) of documents such as driving licenses, course descriptions, grades, degrees, marriage certificates, birth certificates, credit reports, bank statements and financial statements as well as translation of other documents and websites

*  Affidavit and oath taking (SINP forms, custody forms, house purchase re-mortgage, etc )
*  Land title search and land title transfer 
*  Marriage ceremonies
*  Separation and divorce facilitation
*  Assisting Students with Study abroad and Tutoring in Subjects like English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, French, etc.
*  Consultation and training in accounting, tax, finance and trade
*  Entrepreneurs, family members and student application and other government forms and correspondence
*  Business visits and reception for entrepreneurs candidates
*  Business plan, feasibility study and market research

*  Business dispute or conflict resolution and arbitration

3. Business Characteristics
* Fast, efficient, concise, accurate and fluent translation
* Professional consultation and training with strong financial and legal background
* Professional qualification and licenses
* Team members' rich experience of in Canada and good relations with media and government agencies

* Owner has about 12 years experience in Regina (since late 2011) and 3 years experience in Vancouver
* Huang is chief translator of a book written by the Japanese banking association and a major translator and proof-reader for a book written by the American Financial Association Chairperson 
* Huang's research has been cited by more than five Hong Kong newspapers and media in Hubei of China and in SK of Canada including the both left-winged CCPA and the right-winged FCPP
* Huang was included in Stanford's Who's Who in 2012 
* Huang's business was selected as the 2020 Consumer Choice Award recipient in the category of Translators and Interpreters in the market of Regina and surrounding area
* Government registered and Huang is invited as interpreter for both Immigration Canada and Immigration Saskatchewan

4. Problems Clients May Come Across

 * Individuals
  • Language barrier - We have translators with English degrees
  • New to the City - We have translators with more than 5 years local experience
  • Ignorant of policies and procedures - We have translators with business law teaching experience
  • Difficulty in finding a trustworthy translator - Our translators are either licensed or with an English degree
* Trading and Manufacturing Businesses
  • Too much foreign information to digest - We are familiar with situations of  those countries
  • Afraid to be taken advantage of - We can help you to get around with middlemen
  • Not sure of the local customs and policies - We will try to get you covered and sign the contract to your utmost satisfaction
* Government or Government Agencies
  • Frustrated with communication with clients not fluent in English - We will keep the communication channel open with the quickest feedback
  • Afraid policies and procedure will not be followed - We will make sure every single clause will be put across to the clients
  • Worried about neutrality and confidentiality - We will guarantee that translators will always keep independent and tight-lipped based on the code of ethics
* Expos, Museums and Cultural Organizations
  •  Unable to handle communication of much information in several days - We will cooperate with you as efficiently as possible
  • Not sure where to find quality translators as business is seasonal - We are here to help 24 hours a day and 7 days a week whenever possible
  • Not sure if the interpretation can be made with short notice - We will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible 
With qualification and experience of our employees, CCFTCC can easily connect different parties, streamline the process, provide convenience and make you relax from beginning to end.

5. Value Provided
* To facilitate career development and community integration for new immigrants
* To facilitate small business development
* To facilitate government and non-profit communications with immigrants

* Daniel Huang: BA in English, MA in Economics, PhD in Finance and Banking, Oxford Univ. postdoctoral researcher & Visiting Fellow, guest translator for Financial Times, Visiting Lecturer for University of Regina, Guest Researcher for CCPA and FCPP, Court Interpreter, translator and interpreter for the Federal Government of Canada, column writer and senior editor for Saskatoon Asian News, Notary Public, Marriage Commissioner in SK and certified Project Management Professional.
* Provat Deb: Fund Accountant for DAC and then RBC Financial in Toronto, MBA, and CME
* Frank Fan: International trader and investment adviser, freelance writer for several newspapers, partner for a language training school

To talk or to write, here in Regina
Call the firm Canachina;
No matter it's translation or notarization,
For sure you get the peace of mind.

Tel: (306) 591-5198     Tel: (647) 668-1160
Tel: 011-86-17076583829
Fax: (306) 988-0195
QQ: 1042005130, 1311480157
Skype: feedburrito, frankfan7769  Wechat: danielhbc

Email: danielhuangbc@yahoo.ca

Strategic Partners:

Rise Accounting; Orient Express

General Manager's Info:
1.Tall but not ugly;
2.Quiet but not dumb;
3.Mild but not meek.

负责人有约12年加拿大专业翻译与公证经验,曾任香港联合股票交易所上市报告专职翻译,并特聘为加拿大联邦政府翻译,萨省移民局、萨省法庭和SGI翻译,《萨斯卡通亚洲新闻》期刊高级编辑,萨省政府特聘公证人和萨省政府婚姻专员,注册项目管理师,武汉大学外文系(英文专业高年级由耶鲁大学教授执教)英文专业全年级平均成绩第一名毕业,并曾赴牛津大学当代中国研究中心做一年访问研究,2012年其个人业绩被斯坦福大学世界名人录收录,2019年底加华翻译与公证公司获选里贾纳地区2020年翻译类企业消费者选择奖。提供的服务有:国、粤语笔译,口译,移民及福利申请表格填写、各种移民表格、监护关系表格、房产产权查询与转移公证、学历成绩、无犯罪记录、出生证、结婚(离婚)证等材料公证以及三级认证(包括领事认证),各种商业计划书、市场调研报告、考察报告等,另可协助有关接待、考察,办理结婚、自愿离婚、房产产权查询与过户等手续,从事留学咨询和辅导。 另外,也接受法语、西班牙语、德语、意大利语、韩语和日语的笔头翻译。收费依工作量、交割期限以及是否送达贵处的不同而不同。欢迎学生和各类移民咨询。


联系电话:里贾纳 (306)591-5198找黄先生   中国电话:17076583829(可短信)
电子邮件: danielhuangbc@yahoo.ca                微信号:danielhbc


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