Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Can We Learn from Lin Jun's Event?

Lin Jun Murder: What Can We Learn from Body Parts Delivered to Political Parties and Canadian Schools?

                                                     Lin Jun and Luka Rocco Magnotta 

According to an article by Michelle Garcia,  a man's body parts arrived in mailed packages at two Canadian schools on Tuesday, in what could be the latest in the twisted murder of Chinese student Jun Lin (put as Lin Jun in China) who was possibly dismembered by his former lover, Luka Rocco Magnotta.
A foot and hand that are believed to be Lin's were discovered at the two Vancouver schools, False Creek Elementary School and St. George’s, a private school for boys, the Associated Press reports. Police would not confirm whether the foot and hand were indeed Lin's.
Magnotta, a Canadian porn actor, was arrested recently in Berlin and is expected to be extradited to Canada. He is accused of stabbing and chopping up Lin in a murderous act that was reportedly filmed in an 11-minute video, which shows Magnotta attacking a naked man tied to a bed frame in Montreal, as previously reported. The naked man, believed to be Lin, is attacked with an ice pick and a kitchen knife. The video then shows Lin being dismembered and Magnotta sexually assaulting his corpse. Magnotta may have also eaten parts of Lin's body. The murder occurred during the night of May 24-25.
Lin's family members are currently in Montreal with plans to meet with Montreal police and members of the media.
Last week, a foot arrived at Canada's Conservative Party headquarters, and a hand was intercepted by police on its way to the Liberal Party. Lin's torso was found in a suitcase behind an apartment building, in addition to other body parts found in separate body bags.
Magnotta was arrested while reading about himself in an Internet cafe in Berlin. He was out partying in Paris as police searched for him for days. Magnotta was born Eric Clinton Newman, in Scarborough, Ontario. He has at least 70 other Facebook accounts under different fictitious names.

Lin, a brilliant Chinese student, once a Microsoft engineer and the most talented in his class at university, born of a worker's family in Wuhan (also called China's Chicago) died an unworthy death under the hands of his "lover". 

No one could understand how the white guy and the Chinese young man could get together. However, what can be borne in mind are that:

1) Chinese people should not admire Western culture fervently without any doubt.
2) Homosexuality can be cool to Western people, but may not be suitable for the Oriental as both the cultures and the political systems are different.
3) Chinese can make friends with Caucasians, but they should remember that the cultures and customs are so different that it takes time to be close to each other.
4) Open as Magnotta, Caucasian people can perform sensational acts, however, the Chinese are famous for their intravertedness and modesty. So the Chinese people can become quite evilly open under the influence of such a man like Magnotta.
5) It's good to make friends, but it may be better not to if you are not so sure about the other side.

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