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How Do We Catch the Door for Syrian Refugees? 对叙利亚难民的门如何打开?

1.       Situation Briefing

1)       Facts[i]
-          In Canada one of five people are born outside the country — rising to one of two in Toronto and Vancouver.
-          The country’s foreign-born population is diverse and fragmented and not only the majority of Canadians are appalled by the patriarchal niqab, but also many Muslims.
-          Given the migrant crisis in Europe, Trudeau promised to allow 25,000 Syrian refugees to move here before the end of February 2016 and 50,000 by the end of 2016 — which was more, and faster, than pledged by the Conservatives.
-          Canadian and United Nations refugee officials note it takes time to screen asylum seekers for health and security risks.
-          A former Canadian ambassador to Syria and Lebanon, Martin Collacott, worries that, since Syrian refugee camps are dominated by Muslims, persecuted Christians and other minorities avoid them. In addition, Collacott warns about half those picked in refugee camps will be psychologically traumatized, with many unable to work.
-          According to a reminder from the British government, each Syrian refugee will cost about $40,000 Cdn in the first year.
-          UN officials generally maintain refugees should remain close to their homelands, so they’re able to rebuild the country when stability returns.
-          In the 1980s recession, Pierre Trudeau trimmed immigration by 25 per cent so newcomers would not compete with Canadians for jobs.

2.       Preliminary Matters

1)       Feasibility Issue
Some of the questions we should bear in mind are:
- Do we have the economic resources to accept 25000 refugees?
- Can we handle those refugees efficiently and satisfactorily?
- Are there negative consequences for local Canadians?

2) Questions that we may ask ourselves
- What is a reasonable number of new refugees we can accept?
- What kind of refugees would we more welcome? Skilled or unskilled? Single or married? Men or women?
- Who contribute more to the Canadian economy, immigrants or refugees?
- Will those new refugees be willing to adapt to the Canadian culture and customs?

3.       What to do
-          Traditional way
-          Present way
-          Third way
      n  Balance of born Canadians with new Canadians
      n  Balance of old Canadians with new Canadians
      n  Balance of refugees with immigrants
      n  Balance of Syrian refugees with refugees from other countries
      n  Balance of Aboriginals with immigrants

4.       Decisions to be made

The author suggests
  • Don’t set a deadline or quota for accepting refugees esp. Syrian refugees as put by the SK premier before the safety and provision issues are resolved
  • Welcome new immigrants and refugees on a conditional basis (such as point-based, regional quotas with encouragement to rural areas and small towns) so as to make a better, wealthier, healthier and happier Canadian society
  • Improve conditions of present immigrants so that they can utilize their knowledge and skills and more rapidly integrate into the Canadian economy
  • Create a harmonious environment among different ethnic groups and religions

[i] Douglas Todd: Migration issues will test Liberals, Vancouver Sun, Oct 30, 2015.


- 在加拿大的每五人就有一个人出生在国外 而在多伦多和温哥华这一比例上升到每两人就有一个。
- 该国的外国出生的人口是多样的,分散的,并不仅是大多数加拿大人是由宗法式的面纱感到震惊,同时也有许多穆斯林。
- 鉴于欧洲的移民危机,特鲁多承诺允许25000和50000名叙利亚难民在20162月底和2016年底前搬到这里 - 这一数目保守党承诺的更多,时间更快。
- 加拿大和联合国难民官员指出,需要时间来筛选寻求庇护者的健康和安全风险。
- 前加拿大驻叙利亚和黎巴嫩大使马丁克拉科特担忧的是,由于叙利亚难民营是由穆斯林占主导地位,受迫害的基督徒和其他少数民族尽量避免它们。此外,他还警告说大约有一半在难民营选中的将有心理创伤,有许多无法工作。
- 根据英国政府的提醒,每个叙利亚难民将在第一年花费$ 40,000加元。
- 联合国官员一般主张,难民应保持接近他们的家园,使他们能够在稳定来临时,得以重建国家。
- 20世纪80年代的经济衰退,特鲁多削减移民25%,以便新移民不会与加拿大人竞争就业机会。


- 我们是否有足够的经济资源接受25000名难民?
- 我们能否高效、圆满地处理这些难民?
- 谁对加拿大经济的贡献更大,移民还是难民?
- 它对本地加拿大人有负面后果吗?

- 接受新的难民的合理数量是多少?
- 什么样的难民我们会更加欢迎?有技术还是没技术?单身或已婚?男性或女性?
- 这些新的难民愿意会主动适应加拿大的文化和习俗吗?

- 传统方式(哈珀)
- 现在的方式(特鲁多)
- 第三条道路
    l  本地出生的加拿大人与新移民的平衡
 l  老加拿大人与新移民平衡
 l  难民与移民平衡
 l  叙利亚难民与其他国家的难民
 l  原住民与移民的平衡

- 正如萨省省长建议的,在安全和保障问题没有得到解决之前,不要人为设置接受难民特别是叙利亚难民的期限和名额
- 有条件地(如积分制、注重小城市和乡村)接受新移民和难民,以建设一个更美好、富裕、健康和快乐的加拿大社会
- 改善目前移民的条件,使他们得以利用自己的知识和技能,更迅速地融入加拿大经济
- 创建不同民族和宗教之间和谐相处的环境

[i] 参见《温哥华太阳报》20151030日道格拉斯特德文章“移民事务将检验自由党人”。

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