Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fruits and Vegetables Not to Eat Freely

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[Fruits and vegetables not to eat freely, you know? ] 1. Mangoes are effective in hemostasis, and those with menstruation should not eat; 2. Leeks cure impotence, and children should not eat; 3. Pumpkin boosts your blood pressure and stops asthma, and those with hypertension should not eat; 4. Yam tonifies qi, and those with insomnia should not eat; 5. Mushrooms and black fungus trigger diarrhea, and those with diarrhea should not eat; 6. Parsley leads to sweating, and those with sweat should not eat; 7. Taro, bitter gourd, and potherb clear away the heat, and those with impotence should not eat! 


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