Sunday, August 26, 2012

Love is Not Measured


When I passed a Salvation Army store I saw on the bulletin board the sentence: God loves you. At that very moment I was touched. You know the present society is polluted by materialism. Everything is measured. Your work performance is measured, and your salary is measured. Your role in the family is measured by how much money you have, and people respect you because you have a brand-new nice car. Well, love is not measured and cannot. God loves you not because you are rich nor because you have contributed a lot, he loves you just because he cherishes you as a member of the family. This love is boundless. This love is unconditional. This love is also not measured. As a member of the large family, I love you as God loves you. So you can rest assured that there are at least two people who love you. Also I hope that those who get married can cherish their family members as it takes a lot of courage and efforts to get together, divorce or separation is easy but it is a lot more difficult to set up a new family and to deal with psychological problems of kids left by those divorced or separate parents. Cherish the present spouse and you will reap unbounded happiness. And this is said for both man and woman as marriage takes both to contribute. Cheers.

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